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Residential Moving


Iugas has trained and properly trained professionals to correctly perform all procedures for handling, packaging, loading, transporting and positioning objects in their residential move, always evaluating all operational needs according to their residence until their destination. In addition, we have a team to disassemble and assemble your furniture and drivers equipped with a communication system connected to our headquarters.


We are equipped with modern packaging of different materials, to preserve from the most delicate decorative object in your residential move, up to large furniture:

  • Kraft paper,
  • Corrugated Cardboard,
  • Made-to-measure wooden boxes,
  • Tissue paper,
  • Paper, Bubble Wrap,
  • Quilted blankets,
  • Acrylic Blankets


To meet the specific needs of each client, Iugas Mudanças performs specific procedures for each object according to the size, sensitivity and care needed for its transportation:

Furniture - having evaluated the dimension and the need for disassembly, the furniture is packed with quilted blankets for its preservation before transport to the truck. Appliances and electronics - require great care in transport, so they are packed with kraft paper and bubble wrap and placed in special boxes. Crockery, crystals and silverware - are carefully packed with manila paper, kraft paper and placed in triplex cardboard boxes for greater security. In cases of very delicate items we also use tissue paper. Clothes - for a quick and careful procedure, clothes on a hanger are transported in cardboard clothes boxes. Mirrors and Glass tops - need specific packaging so that they are not damaged during transport, so they are packed in Kraft paper and corrugated cardboard before being accommodated in packages with adequate dimensions. Depending on the dimensions, wooden crates will be made for better accommodation. Works of art - having evaluated the characteristics of the object in terms of size, weight, sensitivity, the works can be packed in tissue paper, kraft paper and bubble wrap and placed in specially made wooden boxes. CDs and books - are accommodated in their own triplex cardboard boxes for easy identification. Make your home move with whoever understands!